College Gets Graphics Computer Grant

A $233,000 state grant to buy a computer graphics and publication system for use by local professionals and students at Glendale Community College was accepted this week by the school's board of trustees.

Using funds from a state vocational education program, the college will establish a training center for new publication techniques in computer-assisted graphics, composing and production, said W. J. Baugh, director of special projects for the college.

Baugh said the money will be used to buy equipment, modify classrooms and train teachers. About 70 people from newspapers, graphic arts firms and publishing houses are expected to participate in the free program next year, he said.

About 50 journalism and graphic-arts students from Glendale College also will receive free training.

"In the last 30 years the student newspaper, El Vaquero, has won a multitude of awards," Baugh said. "It's a good newspaper, but the students are still working on manual typewriters, and the paste-up and layout are done by the printing company."

He said that, after the first year of the program, companies could enroll employees in classes on a fee basis or arrange for group instruction on a contract basis.

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