Disneyland celebrates its 30th anniversary with me on my 30th year in show biz. I had no idea we started out the same year. And just look what happened. Tinker Bell is still tinkering, Mickey is still mousing and all the other characters are going strong.

There have been additions and changes to Disneyland during the past three decades. I’ve had some face lifts, too--three.

Lots of kids grew up thinking Disneyland was a state, just like Iowa and Rhode Island. Some Mickey Mouse Club kids have turned into grandparents, who bring their grandchildren to the world’s greatest family attraction.


I had no idea the Matterhorn was a roller coaster in disguise. I got on that thing and my hair turned white. My knuckles are still blue. The circulation never returned.

My favorite place is the Haunted House because it reminds me of home. However, my house has not been haunted ever since the night I tried on all my wigs.

President Lincoln is so lifelike. And his speech is heartwarming. But I was embarrassed when Fang asked him for his autograph. . . . But I love “It’s a Small World,” where all the dolls sing that song, each in their native tongue and dressed to match. I’ve taken my grandchildren to see it several times. We call it the Berlitz Show.

Then there’s one of the best rides of all--the Pirates of the Caribbean. I love those cute little fireflies you see while you are in the bayou country. And the pirates are soooo realistic! When one of them asked me to join him in his fun and games, I actually tried to get out of the boat and do just that!

The Electric Parade is truly electrifying. There’s so much sparkle to it that it even woke Fang up (that and the fireworks in the summer). He stood up for the entire parade--and usually, the only way I can get Fang to stand up is to leave the cardboard in his underwear. The only reason Fang would walk to Adventureland is because it’s downhill. But once we got there he loved it.

We took the Jungle Cruise. And I certainly enjoyed that a lot more than the last vacation I went on with Fang. He took me to one of the islands--Staten. . . . And then there’s Bear Country. I simply fell in love with all those cute animals. Unlike three years ago when we took the kids to Yellowstone National Park for summer vacation--have you ever seen a bear with a nervous breakdown? That was the same year three rangers resigned. Cowards. They said there were worse things than forest fires.