Critic Defended


To fault Martin Bernheimer for an unfavorable review of the Pavarotti San Diego concert is to display a deplorable lack of musical sophistication. Commercial prostitution of a fine talent should be explored and commented upon.

Your correspondent Ms. Fredriks’ (July 7) discovery that Pavarotti’s voice “was superb” is a bit late: His voice was superb; it is now excellent. Caruso’s “Vesti La Gubba” on a 60-year-old 12-inch Red Seal Victor is thrilling, Pavarotti’s on electronically perfect current video merely excellent.

Incidentally, I no longer attend operas or concerts because of the musical illiterates who sit on the edge of their seats, hands poised for what they think is the last note of a piece of music so they may indulge in a little audience participation, even whistling and shouting and making a mockery of good music because they laud the good, the bad and the indifferent.


Listen to Bernheimer; I don’t agree with him all the time, but he was right on target with Pavarotti.


Lemon Grove