Tips on Casing Paris for Kids

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Adult tourists, young and old, have long flooded Paris for its pleasures, but there is also a lesser-known Paris, for kids.

Kids Extra, a new quarterly in English, brings long-awaited help to non-French-speaking tourists and residents trying to enjoy Paris with children in tow.

Available in English bookstores and soon to be on newsstands around Paris, the 16-pager is full of tips.

It provides a selective guide to entertainment that can be enjoyed by children who do not speak French. It lists summer sports facilities, including tennis courts and swimming pools, and recommends restaurants in various price ranges where children get a particularly warm welcome.

Besides giving emergency police, fire and medical telephone numbers, it tells parents what to expect if a child gets sick in France.

Kids Extra is the brainchild of Susan Reimer-Torn, a New York writer and mother of two who has lived in Paris for six years.

Kids Extra tells where you can rent a stroller and what's on French TV for kids.

"We list movie theaters, museums, libraries for children and suggest Paris walks that kids would like," Reimer-Torn said.

The publication has addresses for pet lovers and stamp collectors, chocolate chip cookie addicts and video freaks, marionette buffs and circus lovers.

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