Howe's Agent to Start Talks Today

Jim Hawkins, the attorney who represents Steve Howe, said late Tuesday night that Howe, who was released by the Dodgers July 3 and cleared waivers Monday, had not yet signed with any other major league club, despite rumors at the All-Star game.

"I had commitments in federal court that kept me busy Monday and Tuesday, and I am just now starting to return phone calls," Hawkins said. "We have not had talks with anyone of a more serious nature than we were having before, when we were just talking in general . . . I expect to begin those talks Wednesday."

Hawkins would not name the teams that he expected to be talking to, but he reiterated the importance of the team and the city to both Howe and his wife, Cindy. "They prefer a small community, and they have been saying that for years," Hawkins said. "What I am telling you is absolute. Nothing has happened."

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