Meese's Attack on Supreme Court

From his remarks before the American Bar Assn., it is obvious that our new watchdog for American justice, Edwin Meese, wants it known that he would prefer to ignore the last 100 years of 14th Amendment rulings and regress American justice to a pre-Civil War, states' rights mentality. Let's hear it for creationism, Mr. Meese! You have only to regress 65 years to pick up that musty cause and give it the full vigor of your office.

Either the attorney general's dismal ignorance of history prevents him from fathoming some of the recent Supreme Court rulings concerning the separation of church and state, or he is mouthing the words some of his moneyed zealot supporters must hear.

In either case, and in full view of the alacrity with which this supreme figurehead of justice for all Americans dispensed his version of justice in the recent E.F. Hutton case, we deserve better.


Mission Viejo

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