Year-Round Schools in Southeast Area Without Air Conditioning Identified

The schools that may qualify for air-conditioning funds now being considered in the state Senate have not been identified. However, the following year-round schools in the Southeast area currently do not have air conditioning or have it only in some classrooms.

Los Angeles Unified School District:

Bryson Avenue School, South Gate

Corona Avenue School, Bell

Fishburn Avenue School, Maywood

Graham School, Los Angeles

Heliotrope Avenue School, Maywood

Liberty Boulevard School, South Gate

Loma Vista Avenue School, Maywood

Miles Avenue School, Huntington Park

San Gabriel Avenue School, South Gate

State Street School, South Gate

Woodlawn Avenue School, Bell

Gage Junior High School, Huntington Park

Nimitz Junior High School, Huntington Park

South Gate Junior High School

Bell High School

Huntington Park High School

South Gate High

Montebello Unified School District:

Bell Gardens School

Bell Gardens Intermediate School

Colmar School, Bell Gardens

Garfield School, Bell Gardens

Greenwood School, Montebello

Suva School, Bell Gardens

Suva Intermediate School, Bell Gardens

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