Reagan's Tax Proposals

I wish to establish immediately that I strongly support a complete revamping of our tax system. It needs to be simplified and the numerous loopholes should be eliminated. I would even like to see the "all powerful" Internal Revenue Service dismantled and not replaced with another similar powerful arm of the government. But when I reviewed what this Administration is recommending to replace our present tax system, I was appalled !

To begin with, I strongly object to the discrimination shown against the single person ! Why should my government punish me because I am single? When I go to the market, do I pay more for my food because I am single? Do the utility companies charge me more because I am single? When I drive into a gas station, do I pay more for my gas as a single person?

In our economy, who has the right to discriminate against me because I am single? Only the state and federal governments have that "right"! I say that is not a right--it is rank discrimination at its worst!

I would like to urge that all people should be taxed on their income alone -- not on their marital status!

I would like to further suggest that all people (and businesses) earning an income, pay the same percentage across the board. That percentage could be lowered or raised no more than 10 percentage points according to the demands of the annual budget. If a person works hard and is lucky enough to earn a large amount of money in a year, what right has the governmenmt to take half of his earnings?

If the tax system is going to be restructured, now is the time to make sure that the tax laws are fair and non-judgmental. We live in America, where fair practice should be the code for all--even the federal government!



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