Drunk Drivers

The other night while driving home we noticed a car weaving in front of us. Our first reaction was, is that a drunk driver? With all the laws on the books to prosecute these drivers, we do not need new laws, but new ideas to protect the non-drunk driving segment of the population.

Why not issue to a convicted drunk driver, or a driver that has plea bargained his way out, a special color license plate, bright red and black, to let the rest of us know who is driving near us, and keep the police on the alert.

The drunk drivers would have to turn in their regular plates at the time of trial and receive the special plates when they are let out on the streets again.

Of course this will be called an invasion of privacy, but when the drunk driver hurts or kills innocent people, is that not an invasion of their privacy? So often we read of drivers with repeated drunk driving convictions allowed back on the streets again and again and again, and since the courts can not or will not do any thing to put these drunk drivers out of business, perhaps the shame of having to drive with a marked car will.



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