The UCLA Alumni Assn. has honored a number of Westside students with its most prestigious student scholarship, the Distinguished Scholar Award.

Winners are doctoral students Vladimir Brenzina, biology, $2,000; Gail Dubrow, urban planning, $2,000; Cathy Costin, anthropology, $4,000; Karen Emmory, linguistics, $3,000; James Shuler, medicine, $2,000; Constance Coiner, English, $4,000; Daniel Peterson, Near Eastern languages, $3,000; Clare Spark, history, $3,000; Roberta Falke, psychology, $2,500, and Jennifer Parker, chemical engineering, $2,000.

Master's degree students Priscilla Lee, nursing, and Deborah Howard, public health, each won $2,000.

Undergraduate winners were Harvey Rochman, philosophy, $1,500; Jay Turner, chemical engineering, $2,500; Steven Quintanilla, geography, $1,500 and Russell Andrews, medicine, $1,500.

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