LBCC to Provide Training in Electronics for Factory Workers

Long Beach City College has contracted with Procter and Gamble's Long Beach plant to provide training in electronics for a group of the company's employees.

The classes, to be taught on campus by a college instructor, will begin Sept. 10, said Dick Jones, dean of external relations. Jones said the contract is one of about 70 the college has with various private companies in the area to provide custom-designed training for employees.

"It's a way to remain viable in your community in a time of rather limited financial resources," said Jones.

Under the contract training and development program, which has been in effect since 1982, the college provides companies with training in such skills as blueprint reading, secretarial work, communications, computer-assisted drafting and design, management supervision, writing and nursing.

Procter and Gamble is a major national manufacturer specializing in a variety of products from synthetic detergents to disposable diapers. The company has about 500 employees in Long Beach.

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