Out of Date

Over the years of reading your informative travel articles I have been surprised on occasion by the out-of-date statements that are made. Two such statements appeared June 23:

1. In the Beyer-Rabey article on Shanghai no mention is made of the very new Shanghai Hotel constructed in the last year or two.

2. In the Bruce Hamby article on New Zealand he states (for Queenstown), "new on the scene are the TraveLodge Hotel . . . $40 U.S. double and the Kingsgate Hyatt . . . $20 U.S. double." As to the TraveLodge, on my first trip to New Zealand in 1973 I took a picture of the TraveLodge which was under construction. On subsequent trips (1975 and 1983) I stayed in the hotel. On the latter trip the rate was $75 U.S. double; it is probably more now. As to the Kingsgate Hyatt, I stayed in that hotel in 1973 when it was the Ramada Inn.

In both of these instances you could hardly say "new on the scene," and rates quoted are out of date.


Mission Viejo

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