San Diego


Calaveras County investigators are searching for a San Diego man as a witness in connection with the mass murder case in the remote Sierra foothills near Sacramento, but San Diego authorities are not actively involved in the search, Lt. Paul Ybarrondo, a homicide investigator, said Tuesday.

A man identified as Wayne Greener, also known as Chuck, may be able to provide information concerning two apparent victims found in a shallow grave near alleged mass murderer Leonard Lake’s cabin. Lake died in police custody June 2 after swallowing a cyanide tablet. His alleged accomplice, Charles Ng, is in the custody of Canadian authorities.

Investigators have recovered the bodies or partial remains of 11 victims and more than 40 pounds of bone fragments on Lake’s property since the murder investigation began last month.


Greener is believed to have been acquainted with victims Lonnie Bond, who moved to a cabin near Lake’s in January, and Robin Stapely, who was a founder of the San Diego Guardian Angel chapter.

Greener may also have information concerning Bond’s girlfriend, Brenda O’Connor, and their 2-year-old son, Lonnie Jr.

San Diego police officials said they are not “beating the bushes” searching for the witness but are “willing to assist as needed” if called upon by Calaveras County officials.