Stansbury Juror Urges Bird Ouster

I was called to serve as a juror in Pomona Superior Court and was selected to serve on the case of People vs. Robert Edward Stansbury. He is the ice cream vendor who kidnaped 10-year-old Robyn Leigh Jackson in Baldwin Park in September, 1982.

He then raped her, placed her body in the freezer of his ice cream truck and kept her there until he could dump the body in a flood control chanel in Pasadena.

The prosecution, led very well by Deputy Dist. Atty. Richard Burns, brought witnesses before the jury to convince us that Stansbury indeed was guilty. The defense brought a number of witnesses before the Grand Jury only to make it all fit together like a puzzle.

The jury deliberated for three full days in the guilt phase and reached a verdict of guilty on all counts--kidnaping, rape, lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14, murder in the first degree and intent to commit great bodily harm.

The prosecution brought two of Stansbury's past victims to testify in the penalty phase. We were then told of his past. He has spent 20 of his 42 years in prison for child molesting and raping women.

We deliberated for less than one hour and unanimously agreed on the death penalty.

His sentencing hearing was continued for three weeks because he insisted that the jurors be investigated for misconduct. This has all been a big game to Mr. Stansbury. He is on some kind of trip that he is a hero or something. He has made a mockery out of the court.

July 15, 1985, Judge James H. Piatt agreed with the recommendation of the jury and sentenced Stansbury to death.

But it's not over. Stansbury gets an automatic appeal and his case will go before the state Supreme Court. It will make the final decision.

Chief Justice Rose Bird is up for reelection in November, 1986. She must be ousted when we go to vote. Thirty-three of 36 death penalty recommendations have been overturned by her and her clowns. All cases just like Stansbury.

We can't allow Stansbury to filter back into society. His record shows that he will hurt someone again if he is allowed his freedom. He has been sentenced to death. It took us five months to hear the case and we know that he must not go unpunished.

We must replace Rose Bird. Remember Robyn and the others like her. If we forget, and Rose Bird stays in the Supreme Court, then only God can help all of the little ones like Robyn.

Dianna Batts


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