The Hawthorne Council approved by a 3-2 vote a mobile home relocation ordinance that could help residents who face eviction when a mobile home park closes.

The council acted after complaints from tenants of the Amberlight Mobilehome Park in the 14100 block of Cordary Ave., who were notified in April that they would have to move within a year. The ordinance states that the council can require the owner to pay moving costs; to pay first and last month rents and security deposits for tenants moving to apartments; to buy the mobile homes; to pay tenants' rent increases in resettlement parks for a certain period of time, and postpone the park closing.

Voting for the measure were Betty Ainsworth, Chuck Bookhammer and David M. York. Mayor Guy Hocker, who also is a developer, voted against the ordinance, saying he thought people should be able to sell their property without interference. Councilman Steve Andersen, who also voted against it, said he wanted an ordinance with a mandatory minimum level of relocation benefits. The approved ordinance permits, but does not require, the city council to insist on relocation assistance.

Amberlight owners W. J. and Vera Hannon sent a letter to the council opposing the ordinance, saying they believed they have the right to sell the property without interference.

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