Long Beach

Councilman Edd Tuttle said he still wants to hire his girlfriend as his legislative assistant, but that a final decision on the matter probably will not be made until next week.

Tuttle said Nancy Singel is weighing his job offer against taking a job as an elementary school teacher.

Singel must make a decision on the teaching offer by Aug. 22, Tuttle said. If Singel does not accept that job, she will probably go to work with Tuttle, the councilman said.

Tuttle had promised to take up the matter of Singel’s hiring this week with the City Council. He later dropped those plans, saying he felt the decision should be solely up to him.


Although the City Charter calls for council approval of legislative assistants, council members have traditionally hired and fired their aides without such permission, Tuttle said.

Singel is now working for the councilman on a voluntary basis, Tuttle said.