With reference to the four letters you elected to print concerning the supposed decay of Disney (Calendar Letters, Aug. 11, 1985, insights by Burman, McQuaid, Heffernan and Lawson):

It seems both presumptuous and premature of these film sages to label Michael Eisner as some kind of greed-driven iconoclast. His history, after all, only marks the transition of Paramount Pictures into the most successful studio in Hollywood.

Somewhere lost in the analysis of the letter writers is the pervasive truth that Eisner was, and is, optimally effective at selecting and developing properties with appeal to that particular audience Walt Disney always coveted--kids.

Further, the Eisner entourage has yet to make its imprint on Disney product, but this jury has already seen fit to render its judgment without any real evidence.

I submit that in the not-too-distant future Disney will again produce fresh, vibrant, dynamic movies--true to Walt Disney's dreams and legacy.

Who better to care for the kinder than the Wunderkinder ?


Los Angeles

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