Resident Objects to Council Slight

The City of Signal Hill recently held a study session. The public meeting was announced in the paper and letters were sent to some citizens and to city employees as "an effort to solicit citizen ideas and suggestions on the direction of the city's future development."

After listening to the city's talk and slide show for three hours, citizen input was requested. I was recognized.

As I began my request to show about a dozen slides, prepared by a respected professional, Councilman (David J.) Bellis jumped to his feet and denied me my opportunity to ask my question and to present my views. In short, he denied me my freedom of speech, my right to express myself at a public forum.

Actions speak louder than words, council members. Are you so afraid of the truth that you must direct city staff to do your dirty work and follow procedures that invalidate the published intent of the meeting? Neither intimidation nor inaction should be acceptable from our elected officials.


Signal Hill

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