Separation of Church, State

The paranoiac attack by William J. Bennett upon the U.S. Supreme Court, specifically, rulings by this body affirming th4 constitutional principle of definitive separation of state and church, served to illuminate five central points:

--Our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they insisted upon the inclusion of an edict in our Constitution that would strictly forbid the merging of state and church affairs and objectives.

--We currently do not have an educator serving as the secretary of education; rather, we are burdened with just another slimy zealot masquerading as an educator in a devious attempt to advance the ignorance of religion.

--Next to intelligence and individual freedom of thought and action, secularism is the characteristic most feared and detested by religious crusaders.

--It is now clear as to how President Reagan plans to do away with the Department of Education; staff it with fundamentalists and permit them to turn it into a bastion of nescience.

--Rational, tolerant people must never underestimate the passion that drives irrational, represssive mentalities to organize, control, and wreak havoc upon anyone and anything that differs from their mindless, brainwashed convictions.

These disquieting facts attest to a cruel reality: All three branches of government have failed disgracefully on their sworn duty to uphold the intent of the U.S. Constitution.

C. MYLE FOWLER Los Angeles

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