As a parent of one of the students participating in the Camp Ramah Seminar in Israel, I was pleased to read Dan Fisher's description of the Hebrew University Simulation Laboratory in Jerusalem (Times, July 31). The students have been able to take on the important leadership roles and make strategic decisions involving Middle East nations and international politics.

I would like to add that my son, Matt Brenner, has informed me that a final agreement was reached between "Mikhail S. Gorbachev" and "Shimon Peres" allowing for the annexation of a portion of the Golan Heights to Russian-backed Syria in return for the exit visas of 150,000 Jews each year from the Soviet Union. This agreement was reached by the teen-age "leaders" without any knowledge of the actual negotiations currently under way between Israel and the Soviet Union, which are attempting to reach a similar accord.

Perhaps we could enlist the considerable talents of these young computer-age "negotiators" in the real thing.


Beverly Hills

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