A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered the Torrance Unified School District not to sell the former Greenwood School before a hearing on Sept. 4 considers the city's request for a preliminary injunction.

The temporary restraining order issued on Monday by Judge John L. Cole was the latest action in a dispute between the city and the school district that began in November over the 3.44-acre school site at 1520 Greenwood Ave.

Torrance filed suit this week to force the district to sell the property to the city under the provisions of the state's Naylor Act. The act requires school districts to offer surplus school sites at below-market prices to local governments for recreational uses before the property can be placed on the open market.

Last month, the district informed the city that discussions had reached a stalemate and the district was putting the site on the open market for the highest private bidder.

The negotiations had begun with the city offering $900,000 and the district asking $2.1 million. The final numbers left on the table were $1.6 million from the city and the district asking $1.8 million.

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