Police Chief Joseph Rouzan has appointed Capt. Robert Gaviney deputy chief for the 284-person department.

The position, which pays about $60,000 annually, was created nearly a year ago when Rouzan also became the city's assistant city manager, but was not filled until this year.

Gaviney, 50, has served as acting deputy chief since February, taking over from Capt. Alex Augusta, who held the post for several months.

Because Rouzan splits his time between the Police Department and the city manager's office, he said the deputy post probably will carry more responsibility than in most cities.

Gaviney will operate the department's administrative office, which handles hiring and screening of personnel, and will help draw up and administer the department's $17-million budget. He also will supervise the community affairs office, communications center and record bureau.

Gaviney joined the department in 1960 as a patrolman and has since headed criminal investigations and operations in addition to administrative services.

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