Media Critics: More Than Bashing Stars?

A suggestion: Refrain from doing stories about journalism and provide more real news. Sme cases in point:

Sometime ago, you covered Secretary of State George P. Shultz's trip to China, and mentioned that U.S. policy towards South Africa was at the top of the Chinese agenda. Now that's interesting, I thought. I skimmed for more information on the Chinese view toward South Africa but found none.

On another occasion I picked up the paper and there on Page 1 was a long-winded feature on how newspapers set their editorial policy. And it was one of three parts. Such discourse is best left to a trade journal.

Yesterday, I chanced on the Sunday, Aug. 11, edition. There, again on Page 3, was another story about the press, and on Aug. 12 we got more of the same). By the way, I notice that South Africa now gets front-page play. Is it really your view that journalists always make interesting subject matter but that real news coverage depends on its trendiness?

Please be somewhat more discerning. I don't want to read about journalists. I do want coverage of world events, researched and reported by journalists. And, I might add, news is most helpful when delivered in a less "timely" fashion.


Huntington Beach

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