Martin Bernheimer razzes the visual performance of Seattle's new version of Wagner's Walkuere so minutely and lengthily that the reader can only applaud the members of the audience who booed it or left the opera house ("Seattle Rings in a Bizarre 'Walkuere,' " Aug. 18).

This may have been just and necessary. I would not know, as I was not there. But I generally respect his judgment and mostly agree with his critical comments.

What bothered me, however, was his description of the climactic moment of Act I when Wagner wanted the door to Hunting's hut thrown open by the gentle wind of the blissful month of May. He wrote that a stuffed "faun" suddenly grazes instead on a grassy mound picked out by a spotlight!

The apparent misspelling by the printer of the "fawn" (I hope!) made the intentionally funny description of all the new "mystifying props" even funnier.



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