Mayor’s Emissions Stand Questioned

The inconsistancy of Mayor Forest Tennant’s concerns about emissions from the proposed Irwindale trash incinerator project and lack of concern about emissions from the BKK toxic gas incineratior project is perplexing. When the West Covina City Council a few months ago had a chance to request an exhaust scrubber. Now mayor Tennant is upset that the emissions won’t be scrubbed out properly in Irwindale. Well, they won’t be scrubbed in West Covina Mr. Mayor

Also on the BKK project, the manufacturer’s word is accepted as a guaranteee that the air standards will be complied with, but Tennant challenges the manufacturer’s word in Irwindale.

Plus, the mayor fears the Irwindale project risk-assessment fugures (on extra cancers in the community) are being manipulated to make them acceptable, yet in West Covina the council was not concerned at the much highter risk assessment from BKK emissions.

Also, the mayor has confidence that the Air Quality Management District will guard against more air pollution from BKK in West Covina, but he has no confidence the same AQMD can do the same in Irwindale.


By becoming a environmental knight to protect the entire valley from the Irwindale trash incinerator, Mayor Tennant invites scrutiny of his nonenvironmental actions and decisions in his own city of West Covina. It’s really too bad the mayor doens’t stop the BKK project at least until an exhaust scrubber is part of the plan. Then his words on the Irwindale project would be more credible.

Thomas J. Walsh West Covina