Horseback Tip

About two summers ago I clipped a story in Jerry Hulse's Travel Tips about Western Pacific Outfitters, a horseback riding operation near Angeles National Forest. Last weekend I gathered a group of my friends, and we finally made it out to the country. We had such a fantastic time that I hope you will remind your readers about the availability of this summer experience.

It was just wonderful. What a contrast from the workaday, smoggy Los Angeles grind! WPO is at Royal Oaks Ranch just above the forest. It is only about an hour away from the San Fernando Valley, but I imagine that California used to be like this in the days of the Old West.

For people who want to get out of the city, I give Western Pacific my enthusiastic recommendation. Reservations are necessary. Call them at (213) 937-4530 or (805) 270-0229.


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