City's AIDS Ordinance

As a nurse, I will personally never care for an AIDS victim unless I am convinced that it is an innocent heterosexual. My first AIDS patient was a 34-year-old male gay with a history of syphilis and gonorrhea and admitting to as many as 38 sex acts in one day! I decided that caring for this kind of people is just not worth the risk to me, my wife and my children.

Let the gays have their own clinics and hospitals built. Before we could cure TB, we isolated patients. If any segment of the ill in our society needs isolation, it is those infected with acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

The Times must come out against this ordinance. It would be good if you would solicit letters from MDs, nurses, epidemiologists . . . all those who are really in the know, regarding this scourge.


Huntington Beach

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