Westwood : Bradley Signs Ban on Building in Two Villages

Mayor Tom Bradley on Tuesday signed into law a moratorium on building in North and East Westwood Villages, residential areas adjoining UCLA where citizens had demanded a halt to a recent rash of demolitions.

Passed unanimously by the City Council on Friday, the moratorium will take effect retroactive to Aug. 15 and will run through Jan. 15. After that it can be extended for two six-months periods.

Residents in the two areas complained that developers systematically were tearing down low-profile, inexpensive apartments and replacing them with huge high-priced apartment buildings, particularly in North Westwood Village.

They pressed for a moratorium to allow completion of a revised community plan being developed in Westwood by the city Planning Department. Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky said he will attempt to incorporate changes in the plan to encourage builders to provide moderate-income housing for students in the two areas.

Residents said the areas contain a mixture of students and working people.

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