Building Robs Coyotes of Homes

The article, “Bold Coyotes Stalk Urban Communities” (Times, Aug. 22) should come as no surprise to anyone.

As developers continue to clear privately owned open lands occupied by wildlife for more tract developments, coyotes and other wild animals find their habitat and food supply dwindling.

No shock to me to see coyotes roaming around near Wilshire Boulevard at 5 a.m. Recently a neighbor’s cat was reported missing. I informed her that I bet it was the work of a coyote. Some of my next-door neighbors thought my opinion farfetched, but after your article, I am sure they are having second thoughts.

The community should take legal action against city and county officials who continually approve new mountain development. Preserving our wildlife and maintaining an ecologically balanced environment for people to live in certainly should take precedent over more development and increased property taxes to support those services.



Los Angeles