Israel and South Africa

I wish to commend Bruzonsky for his concerned commentary on the similarities between the behavior of Israel and South Africa toward subjugated peoples. His personal anguish over the behavior of a nation he and most Americans have strongly supported is evident as is his concern that this behavior runs contrary to the concepts of fairness, justice and humanity that are so much a part of his Jewish heritage and tradition.

While wishing to support Israel as an ally and friend in the Middle East, I find myself appalled by her obstreperous, expansionist behavior that far exceeds any legitimate concern for secure borders. Her manifest disregard for the basic human and civil rights of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians calls into question her claim to be either a bastion of freedom or a true democracy.

As an American, I want to see peace in the region, as the current strife represents a true potential for triggering a major power confrontation. Peace can only come when the Palestinians are granted the same right to self-determination that the Israelis have established for themselves with the world’s endorsement.

Reviewing a litany of historical misdeeds is not very helpful in this regard, as there is more than ample blame to tar each and every participant. Our implicit support of oppressive and repressive behavior by our ally through unfettered aid, defies reason. It is in America’s interest to use our good offices, including restraint in our support, to achieve the basis for peaceful resolution of that area’s crises.


Bruzonsky’s evolvement to that conclusion deserves the careful consideration of all Americans who support peace and security for Israel and her Arab neighbors.


La Canada