ACLU Position in Polovchak Case

The ACLU stand was understandable to a parent. Maybe Dershowitz isn’t a parent, I don’t know. As a 62-year-old mother of four sons, ages 27 to nearly 40, I feel compassion for the mother of Walter Polovchak. I understand also the minds of the Polovshak children. The U.S.A. is heaven!

It isn’t easy to raise children, but parental love runs deep. Imagine leaving a 12-year-old in a strange land! I went to the Soviet Union in May of ’84 visiting Moscow, Leningrad, Yalta and Kiev. (Russians are human, believe it or not!)

I, too, would have fought to take my son home with me if the situation had been reversed.

My God, I think I would have stayed in Russia with him if I had to sweep the streets with a broom of twigs. Which the old women do.



Santa Monica