Hit-Run Accident

I am appalled at the level that humanity has sunk to in our community. Recently I witnessed a hit-and-run accident involving a young woman and a pickup truck. That in itself is appalling, but what was more unnerving was the reaction of most of the other cars.

Two other vehicles stopped; the rest got in the way and generally made a nuisance of themselves. They could not interrupt their morning dash long enough to wait for the paramedics to carefully lift the woman off the pavement.

Some cars were in such a hurry that they almost hit her again before police and paramedics arrived. A Mercedes came within six inches of her outstretched foot as she lay on the pavement.

More vocal motorists demanded that we move her. Move her! A woman who has just been struck by a car, whose back and neck hurt? Without the proper equipment and training, there was a large possibility that we could have killed her. Ten minutes late to work would not have had the same impact on the motorists involved.