‘Trouble for U.S. in Philippines’

The editorial (Aug. 22), “Trouble for U.S. in the Philippines,” said that Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator, is unmoved and increasingly confident that he can perpetuate his 20-year hold on power. With the backing of the United States, there is no reason for Marcos not to be confident.

Earlier, when Marcos declared martial law, Sen. Raul Manglapus said Marcos wouldn’t last long without U.S. support. Ever since, the Filipinos have pleaded with the American Administration to stop its military aid only to be answered with much more military support.

If the United States is being accused of propping up Marcos dictatorship, the charge is not unfair. And neither is it fair for Vice President George Bush to toast dictator Marcos with, “I love your adherence to democratic principles,” when the election the toast was made for was studded with graft and fraud inimical to the American values of fair play.

If the Filipinos have to break the shackles of bondage that bind them, they must have to fight, if they have to fight the Americans as well.



Chula Vista