Police Clash With Youth Gangs in Britain’s 2nd Night of Riots


Hundreds of police clashed with gangs of youths and arrested 92 people in a second night of rioting in Britain’s worst urban violence in four years, authorities said today.

The Birmingham rioting lasted into the early hours and then appeared to die down, but youths were reported throwing rocks in Liverpool.

Police said at least 16 people--including 10 police officers and 3 firefighters--were injured overnight in the latest round of rioting in the predominantly black Handsworth section of Birmingham.

Two people have died since the looting, burning and fighting erupted Monday in Birmingham, Britain’s second-largest city. Two others were missing.

Roving gangs smashed windows, looted shops, and overturned and set fire to cars during the night but it was far quieter than on Monday night, police said.