Women’s Caucus

The formation of the Women’s Caucus in the California Legislature is a response of our women legislators to disrespectful and at times contemptuous treatment--e.g., Sen. Bill Lockyer (D-San Leandro) toward Sen. Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles)--by their male peers.

I think this behavior on the part of men both in and out of the Legislature is a manifestation of a deep fear that the equality of women might somehow diminish the male.

Throughout the centuries that men have had dominion over women and nature, they have managed to pollute and degrade the environment of the planet to a degree that might very well be beyond repair and to establish a reign of terror over all humanity based upon the unlimited proliferation of weapons so destructive that their use would threaten life itself.

It seems to me that equality for women, who are the means of incarnation of human life on this planet, might very well reverse the priorities set by patriarchal rule and establish a value system based upon harmony and enhancement of the quality of life rather than discord and the fear of death.


What do men have to lose by that?