Apropos the recent John Horn article “Gunfight at the Writers Guild Corral” (Sept. 1), and in order to help everyone keeps things in a proper perspective, I write to point out that all writers’ guilds are subject to periodic seizures. I suppose this is because writers are naturally convulsive (particularly comedy writers: Don’t they have us all in fits?).

Of the three guilds of which I have good knowledge (the Writers Guild of Great Britain, Writers Guild of America, West and the Australian Writers Guild), none has been free from the affliction.

I recall vividly an experience I had some 16 years ago, when I had the privilege to be executive director of the British guild. All on the same day, I received the resignations of the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and six of the 12 members of the executive committee.

The situation required a very stiff upper lip. However, with the aid of the late Carl Foreman and other stalwarts, order was restored, and the guild rode again.


And so it shall be with WGA West. For the guild is a synergism: It is greater than the the sum of its (warring) parts. Those of us who regard it fondly, and know what it has accomplished for writers over the years, need have no fears for its future.


Los Angeles