Woman’s Home Saved by Court Ruling

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has enjoined a Burbank-based firm from foreclosing on the home of a 32-year-old mother of five who said she was not told that there were trust deeds and other legal claims on the property when she bought it.

The preliminary injunction granted by Judge John L. Cole also restricts the firm, Los Angeles Homeowners Aid Inc., in its dealings with other property buyers, pending trial of a suit by Annie Hall.

In her suit, Hall said that she entered into a 1981 purchase agreement with Homeowners in which she was told that the house in Southwest Los Angeles would be hers and “paid for” in 10 years after a down payment and monthly payments of $651.

Instead, she learned that she would face a balloon payment in 1991 nearly equal to the house’s sale price, the suit states. She got a foreclosure notice last March when she was late with a payment, court papers show.