‘Clinic for Poor Answers Prayers’

Doug Brown’s article “Clinic for Poor Answers Prayers” (Aug. 15) is much more than a story about a free medical clinic. It is also about the spirit of generosity and compassion that truly characterizes many individuals and corporations in Orange County. This region, only recently transformed from bean fields and citrus groves, certainly has a big heart.

The clinic counts among its close and supportive friends the Karchers, Carl and Margaret, Supervisor Ralph Clark, Orange Mayor Jim Beam, the Irvine Co., Rockwell Corp., United Way of Orange County, El Camino Bank, First American Title Insurance, St. Joseph Hospital, St. Jude Hospital, National Education Corp. and Chapman College.

The Lestonnac Free Clinic, as Sister Marie Therese often reminds me, is God’s own work, carried out through others bold enough to answer a challenging call. She takes little if any credit for what has been accomplished. Instead, she offers the credit and indeed the glory to God and to individuals and corporations whose good and charitable works both bless and enrich Orange County.



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