State Criticized on Palisades Slide

The Aug. 25 Mark Henry story on the threatening slope slide from the state park above Palisades Drive pointed out the dangers to our community.

But what’s most disturbing is the attitude of the park department’s legal counsel. F. C. Buchter is quoted as saying, “Why the hell should we (correct the danger)?”

As the affected residents, we care less about the reported “squabbles.” As responsibility for the slide has been assumed as that belonging to the state (Parks and Recreation Department), the state must provide the necessary funds to stabilize the slope. The engineers say it can be done. Let’s get it done!

Having written the governor and all the interested parties, I can only hope immediate action will take place. Better now than after tragedy strikes. Next time the boulder(s) may have a direct hit, and the road (will be) blocked.




Palisades Highlands Home Owners