Laguna Beach : $75,000 Approved to Aid Needy Seniors’ Housing

In a unanimous vote, the City Council has agreed to grant up to $75,000 to assist in the conversion of an unused elementary school in South Laguna to a low-income senior housing project.

Although the amount of the grant depends on final construction costs, council members said they hoped that the project to remake Aliso School into 71 apartments will lead to affordable quarters for Laguna Beach’s needy senior citizens.

“It is our belief that we will be able to house some of our needy seniors there,” said Mayor Bobbie Minkin, pointing to a severe shortage of low-cost senior housing in the city.

The money approved Tuesday will come from fees paid to the city by developers in lieu of building affordable housing units, City Manager Ken Frank said. The city now has about $400,000 in the fund aimed at promoting construction of low-cost housing.

To be partially funded by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, the $3.8-million project is to begin this month, with completion scheduled for mid-1986.