The chief prosecutor for the District of...

The chief prosecutor for the District of Columbia, in a blistering condemnation of the players implicated in the Pittsburgh drug case, called on major league baseball and Commissioner Peter Ueberroth to bar the players from the game.

“These overpaid, overrated, pampered, overlionized, spoiled brats who have corrupted a great game should be thrown out of baseball,” said U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.

DiGenova’s comments were made in a speech to the Pentagon chapter of the Federal Bar Assn.

Noting that the players had to receive immunity for prosecutors to get to the defendant, DiGenova said: “These players have already gotten their break, the biggest one of all--a free pass criminally. They are entitled to no more breaks. They got the big one; they won’t be going to the slammer.”

Responding to claims that the players had suffered public humiliation from their revelations, DiGenova said: “Embarrassment by forced revelation is far from sufficient punishment for these spoilers of sport.”