Ending the Postal Monopoly

Thank you for your editorial on preserving the Postal Service’s letter monopoly.

Mr. William Miller has tried to compare our present complex system, the result of 200 years of experience, with the 18-month experiment known as the Pony Express; a company that charged $5 per ounce. There are few similarities.

Postal workers and managers have worked long and hard since reorganization to make the Postal Service what it is today; a $26-billion organization that processes more than 130 billion pieces of mail annually.

We are proud of the fact that we have taken no tax money in the form of subsidies from Congress for the last three years and we look forward to many more innovations that will enable us to continue to operate on our own.


Perhaps more important, we are proud to be the only organization in this nation in an increasingly impersonal age to touch each and every citizen in a personal way every day.


Santa Barbara