Between “Dynasty” and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie “Commando,” there’s murders, machine guns and gore galore at Greenacres, the former Harold Lloyd estate.

The 44-room, 48,000-square-foot renaissance villa that straddles the L.A. and Beverly Hills city limits is the site of a bloody massacre in “Commando.” Schwarzenegger single-handedly seeks revenge on an exiled Latin American politician. Hundreds die all over the gardens.

“Commando” location manager Robert Decker said the estate, operated by Dona Powell and her Dona Corp., is popular as a film location because it has a “European illusion.”

It provided exactly that when “Dynasty” used the mansion as the palace in Moldavia, where the Carringtons and Colbys attended a royal wedding that was interrupted by a coup d’etat, complete with assassins and strewn bodies. It would seem a far cry from the usual society events that take place there.