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Representatives of the writers, directors and screen actors guilds announced their support for the 5-month-old projectionists strike against the Landmark Theater chain. Landmark, based in San Francisco, operates 23 specialty theaters across the country, including the Rialto in Pasadena and the Nuart and the Samuel Goldwyn Pavilion Cinemas in West Los Angeles. The Pavilion Cinemas, a four-theater complex in the new Westside Pavilion, was greeted with pickets on its opening day Wednesday. Landmark's 11 Los Angeles projectionists decided to merge with Local 150 of the Motion Picture and Video Projectionists Union, when its three-year contract expired in January and went on strike May 24 with the local's backing. The union has 350 members and contracts with all but two theater chains (United Artists and American Multiple Cinema) in Los Angeles.

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