<i> From Harper's Magazine</i>

You may already know that 3% of Americans say Monday is their favorite day of the week. But do you know how many days a year Martina Navratilova does not play tennis or the amount the U.S. government spent on paper shredders in 1984?

Budget per episode of “Miami Vice”: $1.5 million.

Budget of the Miami vice squad unit in 1984: $1,161,741.

Percentage of the marijuana smoked in the United States that is imported, according to the DEA: 88.


According to NORML: 45.

Rank of corn, marijuana and soybeans, among all U.S. crops, in annual cash value: 1, 2, 3.

Deaths and disabling injuries per 1,000 miners in 1983: 15.

Per 1,000 farmers: 110.


Percentage of adult Iowans who say they own a cemetery plot: 31.

Filipino journalists murdered this year: 9.

Salvadoran union activists murdered this year: 8.

Average number of 500- and 750-pound bombs dropped by the Salvadoran air force each month: 135.


Average number dropped each month in 1982: 9.

Maximum fine for refusing to register for the draft: $250,000.

Percentage of teen-agers who say they favor a one-year national youth service program for men: 62.

Number of high school marching bands that ordered the sheet music for “Barbara Ann” this year: 3,000.


Rank of national and local Miss America pageants among all sources of college scholarship money for women: 1.

Percentage of black men with college degrees who work for government: 33.

Percentage of black women with college degrees who do: 45.

Percentage of black children who live below the poverty line: 46.7.


Percentage of women executives with MBAs who say their pregnancies were planned: 93.8.

Percentage of other women executives who say this: 73.3.

Average number of corporate mergers per business day this year: 12.

The number of jobs lost in Houston since 1982: 82,500.


The number of jobs gained in Detroit: 53,000.

Percentage change in acres of forest in New York State since 1880: plus 164.

Amount the U.S. government spent on paper shredders in 1984: $4 million.

Percentage increase in condom sales in drugstores since 1982: 35.


Percentage of AIDS patients in New York City who aren’t homosexual: 41.

Portion of the disposable income in the United States today that is spent by homosexuals: one-fifth.

Portion of all goods sold in the United States today that is imported: one-fifth.

Percentage increase in 1984 in cargo shipped between Asia and the United States: 25.


Copies of “Iacocca” sold in Japan: 500,000.

Percentage of Americans who say television news portrays politicians “too favorably”: 46.

Who say it portrays professional sports stars “too favorably”: 54.

Days of the year Martina Navratilova does not play tennis: 70.


Percentage of Americans who say Monday is their favorite day of the week: 3.

Who say Tuesday is: 1.