Martin Yan--the Chinese Chef by Martin Yan (Doubleday: $10.95, 179 pages, illustrated).

Television viewers who have shared recipes and laughter from chef Martin Yan in his "Yan Can Cook" show (KQED-TV) need no introduction to Yan's cleaver and wok expertise that's well reflected in his new book. Soft-bound, the book has more to offer inside than the gray humble cover indicates with a casual picture of Yan. Nice glossy pages contain 55 full-color food photos that are done in style.

The book accompanies the chef's sixth television season of the series, featuring familiar show recipes as well as other popular and exotic dishes. The chapters are organized by the regions of Chinese cuisine, Canton, Sichuan and Hunan, Peking and Shanghai with a special section on nouvelle Chinese recipes.

Like his other cookbooks, Yan adds some essential kitchen tips to help the cook. These include a glossary of Chinese ingredients, tools and utensils with effective full-color illustrations; cutting and cooking techniques and a miniature chapter on popular sauce and condiment recipes. It's obvious that the witty chef tries to make it easy for any cook to follow his book. He says, "If Yan can cook . . . so can you.

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