Escapee from 'North'

I've finally made it to San Diego County! This holiday season is my first away from the grim vicissitudes of the north.

Ever since my youth, I've heard and read about the perfect weather in San Diego County--specifically that Vista, Calif., has the most ideal year-round temperature of any place in the United States.

Here I am, living on a golf course in Vista, enjoying the fantasy that I've carried in my heart for some 40 years. It's fantastic!

When I retired this year, my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to pick the place to spend our retirement years. Although it meant leaving dear relatives and lifelong friends in our old region, we took off for San Diego County and haven't been back since. If they want to see us over the holidays, they are welcome to come here, but we are not going to spend another Christmas in that hellhole.

We have found that many of the people we meet here have come from areas near our old locality. It's not too surprising that persons of retirement age seek better weather and want to escape the hassle of the large northern cities. Most of us agree that it's too bad we had to spend our youth in such places, but we're all glad we have finally found paradise.

Merry Christmas to all of you in Los Angeles County--come to see us sometime!



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