Christmas Carol Ball and Its Critics

After reading Benjamin Epstein's "critique" of the 1985 Hoag Hospital Christmas Carol Ball, it is apparent that Mr. Epstein and the attending guests he carefully selected to quote have lost sight of the true meaning behind the 552 Christmas Carol Ball.

Allow me to refresh the memories of those who, over the years, have forgotten the intent of the ball. Yes, the ball has always been at the start of the holiday season.

Its objective was to begin Christmas and New Year by spreading good cheer: good cheer in the form of raising money for the sole purpose of providing the very best and most up-to-date medical equipment for Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian so that it might better serve the needs of our growing community.

With the above mentioned as a backdrop, it is discouraging to those of us who voluntarily gave of our time, our money and our devotion to be subjected to the disparaging and shallow criticisms of a few, who have obviously forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

However, to those of you who have been offended, after dedicating yourselves, I want you to know how much I and the hospital appreciate your contributions to the true spirit of the holiday season.



552 Christmas Carol Ball

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