8 Motorists Arrested in Drunk Alert

Eight motorists suspected of drunk driving were arrested Saturday night and Sunday morning at a South Los Angeles checkpoint operated by the California High Patrol.

The CHP, which has been operating roadblocks to catch unwary drunk drivers, stopped 950 motorists between 10 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday.

Eighteen of those stopped were given field sobriety tests, which eight failed, a CHP spokesman said. The roadblock was set up in unincorporated Los Angeles County on Florence Boulevard west of Alameda Street.

CHP spokesmen say that the checkpoints, whose locations are not announced until an hour before they go into operation, serve as a deterrent to drunk driving, in addition to getting those arrested off the roads.

On Thursday, a state appeals court, citing the deterrent effect, ruled that the roadblocks, which had been challenged as violating civil rights, were constitutional, although somewhat inconvenient to motorists.

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