Soviets Call Arms Pact Charges New U.S. 'Song, Dance'

United Press International

Charges by President Reagan that the Soviet Union has repeatedly violated arms agreements are part of a new "anti-Soviet song and dance" by the White House, the official Tass news agency said Sunday.

The U.S. charges are contained in a report from Reagan, expected to be submitted to Congress today. Details of the report were published over the weekend.

The document contains nine specific allegations, including charges that the Kremlin broke arms agreements by its production of SS-25 missiles, staged over-the-limit nuclear tests, conducted chemical- and toxic-weapons research and built an anti-missile radar station at Krasnoyarsk.

"A fresh anti-Soviet song and dance has been started in the United States around some so-called violations by the Soviet Union of its contractual commitments," Tass said.

It said the report does not contain any new charges against the Soviet Union, but only sets forth "hackneyed inventions unsubstantiated by any concrete facts."

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